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What's New: Neos October 2022

Temperatures are dropping outside, but this sizzling October release will keep you toasty. If you missed our latest quick ’n’ dirty feature review webinar, “New in Neos in 19 Minutes,” hosted by Assembly’s head of education, Bryan Billig, you can watch it on demand.

The October release includes:


  • Mailchimp Integration (customer request)

  • Bulk Invoicing (customer request)
  • Single Sign-on with Microsoft


  • Settlement Tab for Values


  • Value Detail Screen & Value Notes (top customer request)

  • Case Calendar updates (linking and permissions)

New Features

Mailchimp Integration (customer request)

Keep your clients engaged with automatic bulk marketing communications that leverage the Neos Mailing list and the new Mailchimp Integration. You will need a Mailchimp account to access this feature. To activate, go to Settings, then Integrations, and look for Mailchimp.

How to use it

  • Leverage your Neos Parties and Providers to effectively segment and group contacts in Mailchimp for more targeted marketing campaigns
  • Sync your Neos contacts to Mailchimp by adding those contacts to managed mailing lists
  • Streamline contact management and list building by adding all Parties or Providers from a case to a new or existing managed mailing list.
  • Create Mailchimp segments in Neos that will make it easier for your firm's Mailchimp admin to leverage Neos information.

Bulk Invoicing (customer request)

Bulk create invoices across multiple cases that represent all billable and yet-to-be-billed Value records. You can also select, approve, deny, and download invoices in bulk and have the option to filter by primary staff, “bill to,” date range, include time/fees (Y/N), and/or include costs (Y/N).

How to use it

Bulk generate an invoice

In the Invoices section under the Accounting tab, click Generate Invoices to see all cases with outstanding value items for which no bills have been created (Neos defaults to the last 30 days). Select your desired items and click Generate to create the invoices. (Note that if there are multiple "bill to's,” an invoice will be generated for each “bill to.”)

Bulk approve/deny invoice

Select or multi-select invoices in the “pending” state, then hit Approve or Deny.

Bulk download invoices

Select or multi-select invoices in any state and click Download.

Single Sign-on with Microsoft (customer request)

Now you can log into Neos using your Office 365 email and password. The option to use your Microsoft login information will appear as part of the regular Neos login screen.

IMPORTANT NOTE: An email must be saved to each staff profile to allow users to log in with this method.


Settlement Tab for Values

You can now track disbursements related to a settlement in a new settlements tab. It provides a way to see aggregate value entries through collapsible sections, allowing you to choose what you’d like to display.

Navigate to the Value section of a case and add an item using a Value Code with a "Settlement Amount" value type. On the Settlement section tab, you’ll see each category (Attorney Fees, Due to Firm, Due to Others, Due to Client) with a total outstanding amount due based on the Value items. Use the "+ New Settlement" button to add new Value items in each category that will be disbursed from the Settlement.

Improvements & Updates

Value Detail Screen & Value Notes (customer request)

Value notes now have the full functionality of case notes. This also means that when you add value notes, those notes will be available in both the Value detail screen and the list of case notes. The Notes tab will also display a new tab for value type notes, and all notes added through the Value screen will be listed under this tab. This will allow you to print a value note, maximize screen size for notes in the Value tab entry, and go from a value note right to the Value screen.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to this change, the legacy reports "Audit of Value Notes" and "Text Search within Value Notes" no longer exist. You’ll be able to use Advanced Search to build new reports with value notes.

Case Calendar

You can now easily identify your Case/Intake Calendar items that are unlinked to Outlook and identify Calendar items that you don't have “Edit” permissions for.

Value Tab Provider Info (customer request)

We reintroduced the ability to open the Provider side pane from the Value screen. You can now click to dial directly from the Provider side pane.

Note Topics

We have merged Case, Provider, and Value note topics into a single Note Topics mini directory. Since the user experience is now the same for all notes, it helps to have the same topic of notes everywhere and improves the efficacy of reports.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to this change, it will no longer be possible to create user-defined case fields using the Provider or Value Note Topics mini directories. Existing fields of these types will be redirected to the Note Topics mini directory.

Provider Detail Screen

We’ve reorganized the Provider detail screen by showing critical information in one column and addresses, phone numbers, and online accounts in another column.


Contact your customer success manager if you have questions about this release, or sign up for one of our monthly Neos demos for a full product refresh!

For detailed instructions on these enhancements, click the Help icon (question mark) in Neos to access the Self-Serve Portal and Knowledge Base.


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Neos release

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Don't miss your chance to get up to speed on the latest and greatest Neos features

Neos release

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