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In 2017, Trialworks and Needles, two leading case management software companies, joined forces to create Assembly. Combining resources and experience allowed for more meaningful investments, robust product development, and improved management strength.

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How it started – and how it’s going

PINS and Needles

Burt Bank was a computer fanatic before computers were part of modern nomenclature. In the 1980s, he and programmer Alan Perlin, with the help of an attorney friend, designed the very first case management platform, PINS. What started as a replacement for the Rolodex evolved into a game changer in the legal industry.

To make PINS even better for attorneys and keep up with technological innovation, Burt and his team came up with a more robust software they called Needles.

For decades, Needles has been an industry leader in case management technology. And even though Needles enjoyed – and continues to enjoy – a great deal of success, leadership took a note from Burt’s playbook to keep improving and evolving the platform. This decision led them to merge with the other leading legal software player, Trialworks.

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Trialworks was created by Robb Steinberg​, now a seasoned trial attorney with both legal and software experience.

After graduating from American University, Robb worked in D.C. on software for campaign financing. With his saved income from that venture, he paid a majority of the way through law school. As a young clerk in Miami, Robb was asked to help with a Ponzi scheme case (at the time, one of the largest in American History), where he learned the firm was using two dozen paralegals to review 20 million pages of discovery.

Robb knew there had to be a better way to search, categorize, and file documents. Robb personally coded and built a database that could store and manage legal documents automatically. This proprietary case management product became the precursor to Trialworks.

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A winning combination

Together, Needles and Trialworks have leveraged their legal expertise and technological innovation to create Neos, a cloud-based case management platform that can handle even the most complex firm needs.

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