Your secret weapon to superpower your firm

Introducing NeosAI

NeosAI is embedded in your existing workflows, seamlessly accelerating your productivity. Other case management platforms force you to leave the system to access their AI technology, breaking your focus and adding more manual demands on your time to transfer the AI content back into your case management software. NeosAI will soon allow firms to leverage the full potential of AI at every stage of a case.

Save your firm hours of valuable time and reduce human errors

  • Auto-generate AI-driven documents using familiar workflows and relevant case information directly from data and documents pulled from within Neos.
  • Auto-process images and have NeosAI quickly recognize and insert the relevant data directly into a case in Neos, allowing you to streamline workflows and reduce manual entry when creating new cases, extracting data and values from expense records, and adding contact information.
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Why choose NeosAI?

Seamless integration with Neos

Unlike the AI technology offered by other case management platforms, NeosAI is accessible directly through Neos (no need for double entry or passing data to an external system) and leverages the powerful Microsoft Ecosystem and OpenAI technology. NeosAI is built to be seamless with the system you already know, making it easy to adopt and simple to use. Our native AI is tailor-made for the workflows that are embedded in your operations, so you don't have to worry about compatibility issues or extra steps to set it up. Third-party AI, on the other hand, may not work well with your software or require additional adjustments.

Data protection and privacy

Because NeosAI is native to our system, your data will be protected by the extensive security measures we’ve deployed for Neos. Third-party AI may not follow the same standards or protocols, exposing your data to potential risks or breaches.

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Reliable, US-based support

With NeosAI, you can count on our responsive Customer Support team to provide you with knowledgeable responses to your questions. They know Neos inside out and can help you troubleshoot any issues or answer any questions. Third-party AI may not have the same level of expertise or responsiveness.

Save substantial time

Use it your way to make your firm more productive; select only the data you want to use to drive your AI. Avoid paying extra fees or subscriptions for third-party AI services.

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The evolution of NeosAI has just begun