Whether it’s internal communications between staff or external messaging to clients and prospects, Neos’ robust communications options can accommodate your firm’s needs.

  • SMS messages with full conversation threads
  • Email tagging and ability to send documents straight from Neos
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook
  • Zoom Phone and RingCentral integration
  • Mailchimp integration for mass emailing
  • Send automated status updates through client portals
  • Trigger automated communications with NeosAI Platinum
  • Internal @mention messaging for staff

Enhance client and team interactions effortlessly with Neos, ensuring continuous seamless connectivity and organization.

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Neos Premium Texting

SMS texting at its finest! With Neos Premium Texting, you can simplify communication and track all messages in one place in full conversation threads. Texts are automatically saved to relevant cases, saving you time and giving anyone assigned to the case the ability to respond (no more dropped communication threads!).

  • Send and receive texts directly from clients through Neos
  • Full SMS service with a dedicated business number
  • Automatically track and record threads directly in the case file
  • Multiple team members can collaborate on a single thread
  • Leverage automated SMS and track replies with NeosAI Platinum
  • Learn more about Neos Premium Texting

Automated SMS and Email Communication

With NeosAI Platinum, you can add a trigger to Checklist items to send an automated email or SMS from a template when the Checklist item is completed. For example, you can automatically send a personalized welcome email when an intake turns into a case or send a follow-up communication to clients you are hoping to land.

Microsoft Outlook Integration

Email directly from Neos and share documents securely by sending them as a PDF or the original file type. All your messages and client responses will be saved to the case in the Outlook sent folder and the Notes section, making it a breeze to stay organized and find what you need in a snap. You can even schedule an email to go out at a predetermined time! If you’re sending a message from Outlook, you can tag it directly to the case in Neos.

Neos VoIP Options

Call directly from Neos using our RingCentral or Zoom Phone integrations! All incoming calls with numbers associated with contacts in Neos will show up with the contact’s name, and you can dial directly from Neos with a single click from their contact card. Every single call is logged to the case and documented in the Communication Center, so you’ll always have a record of each communication that goes through Neos.

Mailchimp Integration

Create campaigns in Mailchimp from lists populated with your Neos contacts. Send newsletters, referral campaigns, birthday and holiday cards, event promotions and more with ease.

Client Portals

Capture reviews for external use, capture form information, and send automated case status updates that exponentially decrease the time your staff spends on the phone. All information received through the client portals syncs back to the case in Neos.

Internal Messaging

Send messages to as few or as many people internally as you desire, and when you @ mention them they’ll get an alert in their Neos application; staff mentions can also be sent via email. All messages are documented inside Neos so you’ll be able to track all internal comms.