Neos Premium Texting

With Neos Premium Texting, you can simplify communication and track all messages in one place in full conversation threads. Texts are automatically saved to relevant cases, saving you time and giving anyone assigned to the case the ability to respond (no more dropped communication threads!). As a result, you’ll enjoy a more efficient workflow and deliver a better client experience.

  • Send and receive texts directly from clients through Neos
  • Full SMS service with a dedicated business number
  • Automatically track and record threads directly in the case file
  • Multiple team members can collaborate on a single thread
  • Leverage automated SMS and track replies with Neos Pro

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Neos Premium Texting

Keep your lines of communication open at all times


  • Set up a unique business line for your firm
  • Assign and track conversations
  • Search thread contents for streamlined communication
  • Full threads captured and stored for easy access from any device
Neos Premium Texting - Productivity


  • Multiple staff can collaborate on conversation threads
  • Add multiple staff to receive notifications on new texts
  • Respond and receive anywhere, from any device
  • View and track threads from a global conversation hub or each individual case
Neos Premium Texting - Collaboration

Security and Efficiency

  • Access controls to limit permissions to a case
  • Secure transmission of data over HTTPS/TLS
  • Data encryption to protect sensitive information
  • Conversations stored securely and compliantly on a certified platform meeting HIPAA, GDPR, ISO 27001, and SOC 2 requirements
Neos Premium Texting - Security


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  • $99

    One-time activation fee

  • $39.99/month

    Tier 1: Up to 500 messages

  • $59.99/month

    Tier 2: Up to 1,000 messages

  • $99.99/month

    Tier 2.5: Up to 2,000 messages

  • $199.99/month

    Tier 3: Up to 5,000 messages

  • $349.99/month

    Tier 4: Up to 10,000 messages

  • $649.99 per month

    Tier 5: Up to 20,000 messages

  • $49.99/month/block

    Overage blocks of 500 texts if you go over your allotted number (only available for Tiers 1-3).

  • $349.99/month

    Overage blocks of 10,000 (only available for Tiers 4 and 5).

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