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What's New: Neos June 2022

Summer temps are heating up, and so are Neos’ scorching new features! If you weren't able to attend our blink-and-you’ll-miss-it new feature release webinar on June 30 (it’s under 20 minutes long—perfect for a coffee break or to scarf down a sandwich) you can watch it on demand.

Here’s what to expect in the June Neos release:

  • Configurable case header
  • Reminders
  • Table tile in Neos dashboard
  • Assign counsel to multiple parties
  • Address book (contact management)
  • Premium Documents Package enhancement
  • QuickBooks IIF support

Configurable case header

Efficiently find information about a case from any tab.

How to use it

  • Add any case and any staff role to the case header
  • Each case type can have a different configuration for the case header
  • Additional fields available: Client DOB, DOD, Gender, Alt Case 1 & 2, Referred by/to, Source, Marketing Campaign, Case Title, Docket, Court, Judge, and Insurance Adjuster Name


Add reminders to Checklist items to avoid missing important deadlines and critical tasks. The reminder will display as a notification in the notification center, and it can also be configured for email notifications under staff settings.

How to use it

When viewing the Checklist as a side pane, you can set a reminder to alert the assigned staff that the checklist item is due soon. The reminder can be set for a specific time on the due date, the day before, or one week before. If you rely on the Checklist to stay organized, be sure to take advantage of this feature!

Table tile in Neos Dashboard

Display a list of items in your Dashboard for quick access.

How to use it

Compare a list of records from different cases side by side, see recent items created as soon as you open Neos, and summarize your data from anywhere in Neos. Select a saved Advanced Search query and information will be displayed in a grid (similar to the results of Advanced Search) on Neos Today.

Assign counsel to multiple parties

If an attorney is representing multiple parties, you can now select all the people they represent in a single Counsel entry.

How it works

Within a Counsel record, select one or more parties in the Representing dropdown or search for an outside contact. Each party selected will show the role and relationship below

Address Book (contact management)

Browse Providers is now the NEW Address Book, a more intuitive concept for your practice. See all your Neos contacts in one place or filter for just providers.

How to use it

Address Book is available from the main navigation in the same location as the old Browse Providers link; it just uses a new icon.When you open Address Book, Neos will now default to a list of all contacts. You can quickly filter to display providers only, or search for contacts using information from the grid (e.g., ID #, Full Name, City, etc.).

Premium Documents Package enhancement

Flatten (turn annotations into native parts of the document) and redact PDFs.

How to use it

You can already modify PDFs directly using the Premium Documents Package; now you’ll have full control over the content.

QuickBooks IIF support

Export checks and deposits in IIF format.

How to use it

Open the Accounting screen, select pending items you wish to export to IIF, click the Export drop down, and select IIF.

Contact your customer success manager if you have any questions about this release, or sign up for one of our monthly Neos demos for a full product overview!

For detailed instructions on using these enhancements, click the Help icon (question mark) in Neos to access the Self-Serve Portal and Knowledge Base.


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Legal Tech

Don't miss your chance to get up to speed on the latest and greatest Neos features

Neos release

Legal Tech

Don't miss your chance to get up to speed on the latest and greatest Neos features

Neos release

Legal Tech

The latest Neos release is brimming with fantastic new features, integrations, and updates that are sure to bring fresh enthusiasm to your work!

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