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What's New: Neos February 2022

The theme for our February release is data presentation and simplicity for all Neos users. This month we are highlighting enhancements to Neos Today and Summary Reports. Our new customization tools allow you to add a personal touch to the Neos Today homepage. Additionally, with the February release, users will benefit from powerful improvements to their reporting and grouping capabilities helping our customers access the information they need faster.

Neos Today Dashboard

Neos users can now create their own customized Neos Today homepage. Easily adjust the location and size of any of the widgets on your Neos homepage creating your own optimal view. In addition to the widgets currently available in Neos Today, we have added a new widget called ‘My Messages.’ This will allow users to quickly catch up on all internal messages in a single widget in Neos Today.

Summary Reports

Summary Reports provide Neos users with more robust reporting and categorization capabilities by organizing information in groups. You can now use the Advanced Search report builder to group your results in multiple levels and get better insights from your data. These types of reports are perfect for monthly reports and executive summaries where data needs to be aggregated and presented to management to evaluate firm operations and make better-informed decisions.

Key features:

  • Easily summarize data groups so you can quickly review groups of cases by total due amounts, damages, insurance coverage limits, and more.
  • Multiple levels of grouping are supported for all reports. Build reports where you can see cases by primary staff broken down by class, value providers, or insurance adjusters.
  • Export your grouped reports to PDF using a new high-quality format and take summary reports with you to your next team meeting.

Customers currently using static, legacy Needles reports will now have the ability to create those reports in a new, flexible format. This data can also be exported to allow maximum control and reporting.

Additional Enhancements

Automated Timekeeping

  • Neos users can now turn off Neos Timekeeper for staff members.
  • Bulk Actions allow for better management of time entry. Neos administrators can now add and edit multiple time entries and multiple timers
  • Visual enhancements to show Neos Timekeeper on all tabs. So, if a customer has multiple cases open, they can see the time associated with each case

Email Notes

  • Preview a list of cases directly from the results card. Users can now preview one of the listed records without having to click on the result
  • Improved search results loading time. Searches will deliver faster, more accurate results

For detailed instructions on using these enhancements, click the Help icon in Neos to access the Self-Serve Portal and Knowledge Base.


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Legal Tech

Don't miss your chance to get up to speed on the latest and greatest Neos features

Neos release

Legal Tech

Don't miss your chance to get up to speed on the latest and greatest Neos features

Neos release

Legal Tech

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