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What's New: Neos November 2021

The Neos November release is here and we are excited to announce that Intake Pro is now available for purchase. With the new Intake features listed below, you will be able to capture data, convert leads, and maximize your firm’s performance to its true potential.

Additionally, we have enhanced the features for our standard offering with functionality that will empower law firms of any size to manage and convert leads effortlessly throughout the entire client lifecycle.

Neos Intake enhancements

Checklist – Access case statuses and next steps for all Intakes

  • View and utilize the Checklist directly from your Intake screen
  • Generate Intake-specific documents from within the Intake Checklist or Intake Documents tabs
  • Filter tasks specific to Intakes using a new Intake phase
  • Create new tasks using a new checklist reference option based on Intake creation date

Notes – Increase efficiency and onboard clients faster with communication tools

  • Add as many notes as needed for Intakes
  • Share notes via email
  • Get the attention of your team with @mentions

Documents – Manage documents from within an Intake and transfer directly into a case

  • Upload and organize as many documents as needed
  • Share documents through email
  • Send documents through DocuSign via text

Notification Manager – Never miss a notification with the new Neos Notification Center

  • See all recent notifications, @mentions, direct messages, DocuSign, new Intakes, and more
  • Link directly to the specific record that triggered the notification.
  • Click on the notification and Neos will open the note, case, or document that generated the notification

Additionally, you can now manage calendar appointments through Neos Intake and easily convert them into a case.

Neos Intake Pro is now available

Upgrade your Neos subscription with advanced Intake Pro features and gain complete control over your cases from first call to resolution.

We would love to show you all of the features and functionality in a one-on-one session. Sign up here and an expert representative will contact you with more information.


Dynamic Intake forms with custom questionnaires

Neos customers can now onboard clients faster and ensure all required data is collected regardless of case type or employee experience. In addition, Intake Pro allows you to define the perfect workflow that guides your staff with dynamic forms.

It is essential to know the right follow-up questions for rapid onboarding. Neos Intake Pro lets you build an interactive intake process to streamline activities, decreasing time and increasing client acquisition. You can even add notations to ensure specific scenarios are handled consistently.

Check out dynamic Intake in action.


Required fields – Drive consistency and ensure you capture all required information to evaluate the case

  • Optimize staff and client time to ensure all data is captured upfront
  • Eliminate callbacks by marking fields as required
  • Align data across cases

Document Workflows – New communication templates

New email and SMS templates and tools enable you to automate workflows and communicate with clients. These templates can be used to customize communications for Intake workflows.

  • Quickly generate retainer agreements, rejection letters, and referral letters
  • Configure custom communication with your clients to welcome them, follow up, and remind them of important dates
  • Easily send important Intake related documents via email or SMS with Document Workflows

Stage and Status – Convert high value leads more often and maximize the firm’s performance

  • Efficiently organize your Intake inventory by setting case Stage and Status
  • Add custom Status options to fit your firm’s unique processes
  • Report on Stage and Status across all Intakes (more information to follow)

Checklist and Triggers – Stage and Status are updated as workflow items are completed

  • Customize your unique triggers for Status changes
  • Trigger automation with Checklist actions


See everything that is happening with Intakes as soon as you login to Neos with Neos Today

  • New Intakes Overview provides a real-time summary of all your Intakes on one screen
  • Review Intake tasks assigned to specific individuals
  • Track leads falling behind

Marketing Campaigns – Whether your leads come in through referrals or your marketing channels, the upgraded Intake Pro module serves as a customizable tool to track all Intake sources and return on investments.

New marketing campaign settings let you add any campaigns you’re running

  • Track date range and marketing spend for all campaigns
  • Create and run reports using Intake marketing information

Reports and Dashboards – Track everything that is happening with Intakes as soon as you log in to Neos

  • Unique reports allow you to quickly review ROI on your marketing efforts
  • Specialty dashboard and tiles display critical metrics across your entire Intake organization

To learn about additional features of Intake Pro, check out our Neos Intake vs Intake Pro Comparison or if you are interested in an Intake Pro demo, sign up here.

For detailed instructions on using these enhancements, click the Help icon in Neos to access the Self-Serve Portal and Knowledge Base.


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Don't miss your chance to get up to speed on the latest and greatest Neos features

Neos release

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Don't miss your chance to get up to speed on the latest and greatest Neos features

Neos release

Legal Tech

The latest Neos release is brimming with fantastic new features, integrations, and updates that are sure to bring fresh enthusiasm to your work!

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