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Upgrade to Neos Helps The Rad Law Firm Beat the Competition

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Erica Rebollar is an Administrative Assistant with The Rad Law Firm who has been with the firm for five years. The firm used Needles for many years before making the switch to Neos because the firm’s leadership wanted to stay competitive by adopting the latest industry technology. 

Key Results 

  • Cloud-based technology simplifies and speeds up remote access

  • Different levels of communication such as tagging and messages improve efficiency

  • Texting allows for more convenient, flexible communication with clients

  • Templates speed up repetitive document generation and minimizes mistakes

The Rad Law Firm has served personal injury clients in Texas since 1992. The firm has four Texas offices, in Dallas, Houston, Austin, and Brownsville. They also have an office in Los Angeles, California. Accessibility during the pandemic played a significant role in their decision to switch to Neos, as well as a desire to leverage technology to gain a competitive edge. Before making the final call, firm leadership reached out to another attorney who was using Neos. After hearing the attorney’s rave reviews, The Rad Law Firm felt confident enough to make the switch.

Before Neos

Before Neos, remote access was trickier. The VPN connection was slower, and clunky. Housing files on their own server meant losing access if the server went down. Erica was also frustrated by the way the frequent interruptions in a busy law firm slowed down work on files that didn’t automatically save progress. In a high-volume PI firm, it’s critical that files are updated quickly so attorneys and paralegals always have the most current information when speaking with a client, drafting a document, or speaking with opposing counsel. Having to start over after an interruption slowed down the flow of information, and took time away from other time-sensitive tasks and resulted in a more frustrating working environment.

With Neos

“Neos is one of our heartbeats here. We really can’t function without it.”

Saving Progress Saves Time

With Neos, access from anywhere is simple and reliable. Erica says it's easier to save incremental progress, so she doesn’t lose progress when she has to pick up a call or answer a question. For example, when she’s entering accounting information, Neos automatically saves every page. For a busy staffer who might get interrupted dozens of times per hour, the ability to immediately go back to a case to finish a task can result in hours of time saved weekly. The less time a case spends “on desk,” the happier clients are and more revenue the firm can generate. 

Flexible Communication Options Enhance Efficiency 

Erica is a huge fan of using different features like tagging, notes and messages for optimal efficiency. Tagging is perfect for a quick “FYI'' that doesn’t require a response, allowing the attorney or other staff member to view and keep moving. 

Messages can be reserved for matters that require interaction. Neos Notes allow anyone opening a file to see information and don’t require directly messaging specific people to be useful. They are an invaluable resource that allow the firm to improve customer service by providing accurate, up-to-date information in every client communication. 

Clients expect to be informed of their case status every time they call; Notes are an invaluable resource law firms can leverage to deliver on that expectation.

Using SMS to Accommodate Client Needs

Many of the firm’s clients have day jobs that don’t allow them to jump on a call, especially if the firm is reaching out for information at unexpected intervals. Texting is quick and easily accessible, and Erica sees it as a more modern way to communicate that most people feel comfortable with. When a client responds by text, that response goes straight into the file in Neos, so there’s no chance that information could get misfiled and it’s always readily accessible to anyone working the file. 

The Rad Firm has learned that younger demographics tend to appreciate the flexibility of texting and often prefer it over phone calls. They want to flourish in the next 10, 20, and 30 years and so they strive to meet clients where they are, lest they risk losing them to more tech-savvy firms. 

Templates Offer Big Time Savings

Erica says the firm uses templates constantly. For a law firm as big as theirs, that means significant time savings in generating documents the firm creates over and over again for different cases. They can then put that time to better use, building client relationships and delivering better case outcomes to improve their brand capital. Moreover, she says the organization makes it quick and easy to pull up exactly what she needs. 

What We Love About Neos

Erica loves the fact that there’s a search bar on every page, making it quicker and easier to access whatever she needs from wherever she happens to be. 

“Needles just didn’t have so many options [for search]. You had to do more digging, and it took more time to find what you needed.” 

She also loves the ability to review and update documents such as invoices directly in the system, meaning that there are no issues with version control and everyone is seeing the same information. 

Erica also says the firm loves the reports they can generate through Neos, and that they play a key role in tracking and managing important information such as new intakes per week. The firm uses this information to help manage allocating resources and keep a pulse on the firm’s health. 

“Neos reports allow us to track the flow of our business.”

She also appreciates the way the Neos product team releases updates and fixes quickly and seamlessly. Neos is cloud-based and updates happen automatically, so the firm doesn’t have to take any action to benefit from the latest improvements.

The Rad Law Firm's adoption of Neos has markedly elevated efficiency, leveraging cutting-edge technology to streamline remote access, enhance communication, and save significant time with templates. Neos has become an indispensable tool, reinforcing the firm's commitment to staying competitive in a dynamic legal landscape.


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