Needles to Neos, Cloud, Automation & EfficiencyFebruary 16, 2024

Neos Delivers Elk & Elk a Big Boost in Productivity and Streamlines Tech Stack

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The law firm of Elk & Elk has been in business for decades, and CIO David Fien has been with the firm for 21 years. The firm has also enjoyed a long relationship with Assembly: While many firms simply upgrade from Needles to Neos, Elk & Elk started out with PINS (Needles’ predecessor!). David was with the firm when they made the switch to Needles, and remained loyal  to the platform through multiple iterations before making the jump to Neos.

Key Results

  • Integrations power big savings of time and money

  • Database integrity checks saved work and prevents messy duplication

  • Activity feed puts up-to-date case information at your fingertips

  • Texting simplifies and speeds up client contact

Elk & Elk is a well-established firm handling personal injury, medical malpractice, mass torts and related cases. The firm has four offices in Ohio: Mayfield Heights, downtown Cleveland, Columbus (Dublin), and Cincinnati. They also have a fifth office in Seattle, Washington. With more than 75 attorneys and non-attorney staff working from five different locations, remote access to centralized information is key. And, with their high document volume, ease of attachment and consistent organization is critical. 

Before Neos

Before Neos, the team had remote access through VPN, but the process was more complicated and slower. Elk & Elk didn’t have the ease of integration that Neos offers, meaning that data resided in more than one place. The firm recognized the need to “adapt and move forward,” so decided it was time to shift to the cloud-based Neos system.

With Neos

Integrations are Critical to Success

With Neos, David says integrations save them time and money. For example, the DocuSign integration eliminates the need for wet signatures in most situations. That saves the firm the trouble and cost of sending out hard copies, as well as time they might previously have spent following up and tracking down documents that hadn’t been returned, a thankless and time-consuming task. They also plan to soon take advantage of the “seamless” integration between Neos and YoCierge for medical records retrieval and sorting. 

Efficiency Gains Improve the Bottom Line

Neos is packed with features that boost efficiency for firms that take the time to learn how to make the most of the system. One feature David finds useful for time savings and ease-of-use is the Activity Feed, where he can see all action taken on a case in one location. 

“You can go into any case and click on the Activity Feed and it literally shows you–up to the minute–what’s been going on with the case.” 

He also finds texting capabilities helpful, particularly in reaching people who may not be available at the moment the firm reaches out, will not pick up a call if they don’t recognize the number, or don’t have time to get caught up in a call. 

What We Love about Neos

The number one thing David says he loves about Neos is the ability to use it anywhere, at any time. Coming from Needles, David also appreciates the fact that Neos is built on the same foundation, while adding additional fields and features. The firm boasts a number of long-term employees, and these employees enjoyed finding the same core fields in the same places they were accustomed to. 

David also loves the fact that Neos has a published API, which allows custom integration with providers that don’t already offer Neos integration. 

“Any other software company out there, any other web based application out there, as long as they know how to work with an API, they can talk to your database.”

David would encourage anyone who hasn’t yet made the switch from Needles to Neos to do so, partly because of the big opportunities they’re missing with third-party integrations. He sees the options for integration as a door to continuing improvements in efficiency and profitability. 

“The ability to integrate through API makes it easier for Neos and the firm that chooses Neos to continue to grow.”


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