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Assembly Neos Leads in G2 Summer 2024 Reports Across Multiple Categories

Assembly Neos has once again been recognized as a leader across multiple categories in G2’s Summer 2024 reports! 

Several metrics are evaluated to determine the rankings in each G2 category. Overall, G2 reports include reviews written by real software users that provide insight into various factors, including implementation, user adoption, and customer sentiment. 

In the latest round of reports, G2 users have rated Neos highly across the legal case management and legal practice management categories. Among these, some notable achievements include: 

  • Leader in the Momentum Grid Report for Legal Case Management

  • Leader in Small-Business and Mid-Market Grid Report for Legal Case Management

  • Leader in Legal Practice Management Grid Report for Implementation and Usability

Lastly, one of the most accomplished badges we received — the “Users Love Us” badge — which is earned after collecting 20 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars. 


Here are some of our latest reviews from customers on G2. 

What Users Had to Say About Assembly Neos

  • "Best Management Software. What I like best about Assembly Neos is that it is easy to navigate. I am able to use almost all of the features to help manage my cases. I am new to the legal industry and this software has helped me gain knowledge and cultivate my integration skills. I use this software every day at my current job as it helps me to keep up with all clientele and customer support."

  • "I have only had a great experience with Assembly Neos. I’ve been using Assembly Neos for several months now, and it has truly transformed the way I handle my cases. The intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate, and I appreciate the seamless integration with other tools. The task prompts keep me on track, ensuring that no detail is overlooked. Document generation is a breeze, and the ability to save and manage PDFs within the platform is a game-changer. Assembly Neos has significantly improved my efficiency and organization, allowing me to focus more on serving my clients. Highly recommended!"

  • "Neos keeps our office organized. Neos is very easy to navigate when it comes to organizing our files. Our office has over 1,000 clients and Neos makes it easy to find them within just a few seconds. It's also great that you can link the case documents to the documents folder on the desktop. You can also create notes for each case, that way when someone else in the office is talking to a client, they can look at the notes to see what is going on with their case."

  • "Neos is amazing. It helps me keep track of my cases and the work that is done and still needs to be done. I can text and email my clients straight from Neos. I can save all my emails and notes from here. We have been able to upload our letters to the program and be able to generate each one for our clients. It helps cut down the time of having to change everything around. It's overall awesome to me."

Want to share your experience using Assembly Neos? Head over to our G2 profile to leave us a review!


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Assembly Neos has once again been recognized as a leader across multiple categories in G2’s Summer 2024 reports!

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