Your one-stop app shop

No more toggling between screens – enjoy having your daily applications in one location. We currently offer several key integrations and are always adding to our list.

  • Automate tasks
  • Make and receive calls
  • Manage your calendar
  • Gather medical documents
  • Securely acquire document signatures

“My phone rings all day long, nonstop. The seamless integration between Neos and Office 365 makes it possible for us to efficiently and quickly sign up new clients.”

David Cohen

Cohen Kolodny Abuse Analytics

Multiple applications in one convenient location

Consolidate your processes

Perform multiple actions and reduce duplications of effort without leaving Neos.

  • Automate intakes from multiple sources
  • Interface with your existing cost-recovery solution
  • Leverage billing and invoicing functionality

Bring Microsoft Office to your office

Neos comes equipped with Office365 functionality.

  • Store and share documents securely with SharePoint
  • Manage your Outlook Calendar
  • Allow multiple users to work offline and sync files later
Image of product calendar

Manage documents and information

Store files with ease, make changes, and retrieve as needed.

  • Send, sign and approve documents
  • Allow multiple users to edit the same file
  • Retrieve digital medical records
Image of product document management

Don’t take our word for it

Schedule a live demo to see how Neos can support your case management needs.