Learn how you can handle 30% more cases with NeosAI

How will NeosAI transform the way your firm operates?

Save Time and Boost Efficiency

  • Eliminate wasted time writing document summaries and gather an immediate understanding of the contents of the document without having to open the file and re-review.
  • Automate the document creation and drafting process for legal documents
  • Eliminate manual data entry by automating the extraction of key details from documents, reducing manual effort and minimizing errors

Retain a Competitive Advantage

  • Enable your staff to focus on client-centric activities that with strengthen relationships rather than repetitive, overpaid tasks
  • Do more with existing staff, providing you the flexibility to scale and beat the competition

Future-Proof Your Success

  • AI is the way of the future - embrace it now to take advantage of all it has to offer and position your firm for greater success for decades to come