Enjoy integrated billing, invoicing, and timekeeping

Use Neos as your hub for all billing and timekeeping systems

  • Automatically track your time and record your expenses
  • Create, review, and share invoices all from within Neos
  • Enjoy greater functionality with online payment processors and accounting software integrations
  • Override existing billing rates for specific clients
Neos billing & invoicing

The future of accounting and timekeeping is here with Neos

Efficient invoicing

Within Neos, you can draft an invoice from a case’s value items, submit the draft for approval, and view the invoices' status, including days until due and days overdue. Next, download and print in PDF, Word, or export using LEDES98B format.

Master client rates for billing

Set a billing rate that will override any tasks or staff-specific rate for billable time.

Automatic timekeeping

Enjoy automatic timekeeping or leverage prompts for time tracking in billable cases only while effortlessly documenting expenses. Lost billable hours and unreimbursed expenses will be a thing of the past!

Integrations that support your needs

Use QuickBooks to bill clients, track time, and manage costs from anywhere.

Great software for keeping track of your legal cases!

I really like the value tab and the many ways you can use that. With one click, I can find out how much we will need to settle based on the outstanding bills and costs. Overall, it's a really great program.

Nicole Z.

Burnetti, P.A.