In the News, Security, Legal TechSeptember 13, 2023

Forbes: The Importance of Security Policies for Legal Firm

security in the cloud

Your legal firm handles confidential data. How do you protect it from cyberattacks? Jim Garrett, CTO of Assembly, Forbe's article shows you why you must create a security policy for your practice. Make security a necessity, not an option.

Read more about what Jim says about the importance of security policies in law firms in this Forbes article. 


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In the News, Legal Tech

Jim Garrett, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Assembly, recently teamed up with 20 esteemed members of the Forbes Technology Council to offer valuable insights and guidance for emerging leaders aiming to make a significant impact in the CIO or CTO role.

security in the cloud

In the News, Security, Legal Tech

Jim Garrett, CTO of Assembly, provides valuable insights on the significance of establishing a comprehensive security policy for your practice. Elevate security measures from being merely optional to an absolute necessity.

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In a strategic move that will enable law firms to acquire medical records quickly and effortlessly, Assembly Software has integrated YoCierge, a full-service record retrieval service, into Neos.

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