In the NewsJuly 11, 2023

Law360: Assembly Software Adds AI To Its Platform Neos

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Case management provider Assembly Software said Monday that it will soon launch into beta a new feature to its platform Neos that it claims harnesses artificial intelligence, joining several other law companies this year to leverage the burgeoning technology.

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Meet NeosAI

In the News, Press Releases, Legal Tech

Assembly Software announces the launch of its groundbreaking AI-powered features integrated directly into its award-winning Neos case management platform transforming the way legal professionals operate and streamline their daily tasks.

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In the News, Press Releases, Legal Tech

In this LawNext PR podcast, Assembly Software CEO Daniel Farrar joins Bob Ambrogi to discuss today’s launch of NeosAI, a suite of AI-powered features integrated directly into the Neos case management platform.

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In this Forbes feature, Daniel discusses why attorneys should focus on adopting cloud technology, embracing artificial intelligence, and using legal analytics to future-proof their firms.

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