Cloud, Automation & EfficiencyAugust 18, 2023

Williams & Roche Launch a New Firm with Neos to Harness Massive Gains in Efficiency and Productivity

Key Results

  • Frictionless start-up due to Neos’ intuitive interface and highly effective training  

  • Seamless remote work during set-up of their new offices 

  • Time savings with shortcuts that reduce friction when completing tasks 

  • Tabs that make switching between case files a breeze 


The brainchild of partners Derrick L. Williams and Andrea C. Roche, the South Carolina law firm of Williams & Roche is a brand new enterprise. They both started their careers representing insurance companies, then served as South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commissioners before shifting their focus to representing injury victims.  

Williams and Roche were already helping new clients before their office space was ready, so they needed seamless remote access and case management software with a low learning curve to get up and running as quickly as possible.  

Before Neos

Both partners split off from another firm that used Needles, so Neos’ user interface wasn’t completely foreign to them. They’d looked at another option at their old firm and weren’t impressed, and Neos seemed the logical choice given their past experience with Needles. During the demo, they noted that experience with Needles would give them a leg up on mastering the new system, while Neos’s new and improved features would help streamline processes and eliminate wasted time.  

With Neos

Neos’ effortless remote access made it easy for the team to work together and share files during set-up of the new office while attorneys and staff were working from home. It was Derrick’s first experience with working from home, but the portability of the platform made it easy. Additionally, an intuitive interface combined with high-efficiency training ensured the whole team started off strong.  


“I thought the training was very good. It was streamlined and it didn't feel tedious. Overall, starting up has been very smooth.”  


Efficiency is all-important in any business, but that’s especially true in a contingency-based law practice, where attorneys are paid for results, not the hours invested. Neos offered the improved efficiency they were looking for.  

“If Needles was a 1.0 system, this is probably a 5.0. It’s streamlined, I think it looks much slicker, tabbing through things is easier, and I really like the layout. Neos is just way more user-friendly.”  


Derrick particularly likes the side tabs that allow him to quickly navigate between files within a case. That, and the ability to easily move between cases helps keep a running record of the cases he’s touched during the day. This functionality not only saves time, it also makes it easier to keep on top of follow-up tasks.  


“I was thinking about this today, because I had three clients I talked to in a row while I was working on something else, but boom, boom, boom, and then I’m back where I was working.”  

Accessible to Everyone

“I always know that with any new software, there are going to be hiccups. Yet with Neos, we did not have any!”  


Williams was a little surprised by the ease of use. With two attorneys and one paralegal coming over from a firm that used Needles and then three new hires in differing age groups and with different experience, he was prepared for bumps in the road. But that’s not the way it played out. The user-friendly interface and Assembly’s stellar training let the whole team get up to speed quickly.  

“Neos is just easy to understand, even if you’re not tech savvy. If you know how to use the internet and access websites, I think you can use Neos.”  

What We Love About Neos

Derrick is most enthusiastic about the quick, painless navigation between matters as he moves through a busy workday. He also really appreciates the streamlined versions of functionality carried over from Needles, such as the simpler, more efficient way of attaching emails to case files. These are just two examples of the time savings he has enjoyed as a result of switching from Needles to Neos. He suggests anyone on the fence about making the switch demo Neos to see how user-friendly it is. 

Untapped Tools Promise Additional Jumps in Productivity

While Williams & Roche is already saving time and increasing profitability through the efficiency Neos offers, Derrick knows it’s only the beginning. The firm hasn’t yet begun using staff productivity reports to fine-tune its operations, but they look forward to gaining a better understanding of which employees are most effective in different areas and using that information to increase productivity further. 

Learn More About Neos

If you are a law firm considering switching to Neos or simply curious about the system, we invite you to request an expert-led demo. Get a firsthand look at the platform, learn from the experts, and ask any questions you may have. Change can be daunting, but it can also be the best decision you’ll ever make for your firm.

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