Hybrid & Remote WorkMay 27, 2020

Staying Connected Today and in the Future: Behind the Technology of Neos

Jim Garrett, Chief Technology Officer

The current situation has driven significant changes in how and where we work—and it happened to coincide with the launch of our latest, web-based product, Neos.

Our engineering team was committed to delivering the industry’s most robust case management solution with anytime, anywhere access before remote work became a national imperative. In advance, we were well into the launch of Neos, a cloud-based solution that provides comprehensive workflow capability, enhanced document management and many more powerful options. This platform was designed to build on the valuable features our customers rely on with Needles, in a modern and intuitive interface with substantial new functionality.

A key theme of Neos is empowering users to easily collaborate. Through our integration with Microsoft OneDrive® and Microsoft SharePoint®, users can seamlessly and simultaneously work together on files, reducing the confusion of document versions and eliminating back-and-forth emails. Firms can prepare and send documents directly to clients for signature via DocuSign®, keeping the process electronic and easy to manage—all while leveraging our greatest collaboration tool, the industry-defining Neos checklist.

With everyone accessing data virtually, data security is another important aspect of working in the cloud and we made it our top priority in Neos. Through our partnership with Microsoft Azure®, customers can rest easy knowing their data is fully protected using the same technology leading corporations, including numerous Fortune 500 companies, rely on every day. With features such as two-factor authentication (coming soon), audit logs and data encryption, we provide our firms with the best security.

Neos helps ensure your practice has access to the right information to make the right decisions. With our latest innovation, you continue to have instant access to case costs and determine the best approaches for your firm. We have bolstered our reporting capability, allowing you to share data with colleagues via subscriptions and to create your own custom dashboards. Immediate access to the health of your firm enables proactive decision-making which is important even in times of less uncertainty.

The launch of Neos is a major milestone for us, but most importantly, it represents an opportunity to provide our valued customers a best-in-class, web-based solution.


If you’d like to speak with an account representative about Neos, contact us today. Customers who would like to explore other ways to enable Neos outside of the office can contact us for additional tips.


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