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What They Didn't Teach You in Law School: How Law Firms Can Acquire and Retain Clients With a Tech-Forward Marketing Approach

Marketing for law firms

In an engaging webinar, Hamid Kohan, CEO of Legal Soft, a prominent legal staffing and marketing firm, explores the crucial elements of law firm management from a business standpoint. This collection of blog entries translates his invaluable perspectives into an intricate guide, providing legal professionals with a thorough roadmap to not only function but flourish in the challenging landscape.

In today's dynamic business landscape, initiating and maintaining a robust connection with clients isn't just a choice—it's a strategic imperative. This blog post focuses on tech-savvy client acquisition and retention strategies.

This engaging guide will share tried-and-true techniques for capturing new clients and fostering enduring client relationships through ongoing SMS marketing, monthly electronic newsletters, and strategic engagement tactics.

From harnessing the power of social media, nurturing organic marketing strategies, and amplifying lead generation efforts to nurturing client retention, these strategies offer a roadmap for law firms aiming to survive and thrive in a fiercely competitive landscape.

Ongoing SMS Marketing and Monthly Electronic Newsletters

Engage with clients through ongoing SMS marketing and monthly electronic newsletters to stay connected and retain their interest. Engaging with customers continuously is essential because it helps build and maintain strong relationships with them. You can better understand their needs, preferences, and concerns by staying connected and involved with your customers. This ongoing engagement can increase customer loyalty, satisfaction, and retention. Value and protect previous clients extensively, as they are an asset to the firm that needs to be safeguarded from competitors.

Understand Your Numbers

Track and understand your budget, cash flow, and expenses for staffing, marketing, lead generation, and other aspects of the business. Lay out out a budget for 12 months and have accountability for it. This involves committing to the ad campaign based on the firm's financial capacity and long-term commitment. Calculate ROI on your marketing channels using your case management software so you can optimize your spend.

Social Media Presence

Utilize social media for a significant impact. Engage in complete social media management to maintain a robust online presence. Having a solid social media presence across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and LinkedIn is vital for law firms for several reasons:

  • Engagement and Visibility: Social media allows law firms to engage with their audience and increase their visibility. It provides a platform for sharing valuable content, interacting with potential clients, and staying top-of-mind.
  • Content Sharing: These platforms offer opportunities to share engaging and interactive content, including video testimonials, Google reviews, and other positive content that can enhance the firm's reputation and credibility.
  • Lead Generation: Social media can be used as a tool for lead generation, attracting potential clients through targeted advertising and engaging content.
  • Client Experience: It allows law firms to showcase their wins, share success stories, and provide relevant information to potential clients, enhancing the overall client experience.
  • Reputation Management: Maintaining a strong social media presence allows law firms to manage their online reputation, quickly respond to reviews, and tackle any concerns or questions from the community.

In summary, a solid social media presence across multiple platforms is important for law firms to engage with their audience, share valuable content, generate leads, enhance the client experience, and manage their online reputation effectively.

Organic Marketing

Develop an engaging and interactive website with video content, testimonials, and Google reviews to attract and retain clients. Organic marketing is essential for attracting new clients to law firms because it helps build a strong online presence and credibility. By creating engaging and interactive content, law firms can showcase their expertise and success stories, attracting potential clients seeking legal services. Additionally, organic marketing through social media and other platforms allows law firms to connect with their audience and build relationships, ultimately increasing brand awareness and trust. This can lead to more referrals and new client acquisitions.

Diversify Your Lead Generation Sources

Continuously invest in digital lead generation (such as through Google paid search) to attract new clients, set clear targets and KPIs for lead generation agencies, and diversify lead sources for better results. Diversify your lead sources to mitigate the impact of underperforming or ineffective sources and increase the overall chances of generating quality leads. This approach also allows for a broader reach and a more comprehensive marketing strategy, leading to better results and a more sustainable client acquisition process.

Client Retention

Continuously engage with clients through social media, organic marketing, and lead generation, and don't assume that previous clients will automatically return without ongoing engagement. Regular engagement helps in building trust and loyalty with clients. It lets you stay top-of-mind and demonstrate your expertise and commitment to their needs. Engaged clients are more likely to refer your services to others and provide positive recommendations, which can lead to new business opportunities.

These strategies aim to help law firms grow, scale, and efficiently operate as businesses in today's competitive landscape.

Watch the full webinar, “What They Didn’t Teach You in Law School About Running a Business.”


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