Decommission and Terms Schedule

  1. Assembly Software warrants the use of subscribed services for the duration of the contract period.  Upon contract period ending, notice of non-renewal, request for termination, or account suspension by Assembly Software, LLC,  Assembly Software will provide 30 days of use of the subscription services and hardware beginning from date of notice provided to Assembly Software, or, in the matter of an account suspension,  the date of the suspension.
  2. Upon 30 days post-notice,  Assembly Software, LLC will decommission the software and associated hardware, if any, with the account, which includes all data.   
  3. Assembly Software, LLC, will, upon written request, archive your data beyond 30 days. This is a fee for service feature, and you agree to pay the associated monthly costs for this storage.
  4. In the instance where an archive request has been made, all rules above apply.    Upon your written notice to stop archiving, Assembly Software, LLC will decommission your archive. 
  5. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Assembly Software, LLC for our implementing or enforcing, in instances of non-payment, our decommissioning terms and schedule.